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This experiment uses the film "The crazy Family" (Gyakufunsha kazoku) by S?go Ishii. What you see is a short outtake, cut into single JPGs and resorted by an image recognition software. All the single rearanged Images are then again combined into a film.

About the film: A savage satire of Japanese family life, it depicted an average household (mother, father, son, daughter, and later grandfather) moving into a new Tokyo home, only to have their perfect life collapse due to pressures from within and without. The daughter obsesses over her singing career; the nominally-demure wife does table-dances for the guests; the son stabs himself to stay awake during his exam-cram sessions; the father digs a giant hole in the living room floor, finds termites, buys ant poison and tries to kill everyone en masse.


resorting the "crazy family"

Team: Stefan Plessner, Christian Wiener, Karl Klostermann(Tech)